Scalp exfoliation, causes, treatment, and home remedy recipes

  Scalp exfoliation, causes, treatment, and home remedy recipes

Scalp peeling is a very unpleasant and unflattering problem: large peeling skin flakes off on clothes, creating an untidy and generally unattractive look. Eliminating scalp peeling can not turn quickly, but proper treatment to get rid of the problem or at least reduce its manifestations can be after 14-20 days.

Scalp peeling symptoms.

Exfoliation is nothing more than the death of the surface layer of cells. The main sign or symptom of peeling is the formation of a torn layer or scales of the skin visible to the naked eye, which cannot be eliminated by simple head washing. In general, the process of necrosis and cell rejection is the norm, and pathological exfoliation comes under the influence of many reasons. Often, the peeling process is accompanied by unbearable itching, this is usually observed when the problem begins, as well as when the skin fungus is attached. In this case, laboratory tests for the presence of a fungal infection of the scalp.

Causes of scalp peeling.

  • Exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays.
  • Heredity or genetic causes.
  • Excess skin against the background of ultraviolet light, frequent exposure to aggressive cosmetics during washing.
  • Allergic reactions to means for washing and styling hair, while peeling is combined with severe itching.
  • The presence of a fungus from the skin, and therefore flakes are well formed. Often dandruff is confused with the usual peeling.
  • Avitaminosis and deficiency of trace elements in the body.
  • Violation of metabolic processes in the body.
  • Weakened immunity.
  • Failure in the functioning of the liver against the background of unhealthy nutrition.
  • Various diseases: eczema, lichen of various types, in this case, scaling is accompanied by a change in skin color and hair loss in the area of ​​​​the peeling. Psoriasis - there is redness of the skin with the formation of plaques, in which peeling occurs. seborrheic dermatitis - accompanied by the formation of itching peeling oily yellow.

For the above reasons, some of them can be eliminated on your own. For example, if cosmetics do not match your hair type, then they should simply be replaced with hypoallergenic products and products for sensitive skin. In addition, it is necessary to conduct a course of treatment and recovery using masks for hair and scalp. For more serious problems, especially for the scalp and internal diseases, you should consult a specialist who will prescribe special drugs.

Scalp peeling treatment.

Once again, I will remind you that self-massage for peeling skin should be started only after determining the cause that caused it, otherwise the treatment will be temporary at worst, since it will lead to complications.

Very well with peeling, such a remedy as Sulsen (it is available in the form of a paste, ointment and shampoo). Ointment is a more effective remedy, however, the oily basis of the product forces you to wash your hair daily, which is not good for your hair. Therefore, the agent in the form of a shampoo can be the best option. In order not to provoke addiction, the remedy should be combined with the usual cleansing shampoo with a neutral pH (pharmacy shampoos should be preferred).

In the presence of dry skin, prone to peeling, and to normalize the level of moisture, a mask for the scalp and hair helps. For the same purpose, you can also try special chemical creams.

If the peeling is the result of a fungal infection, it is recommended to use medicated shampoos with ketoconazole, selenium disulfide and birch tar in their composition. These components contribute to the slowing down of cell division.

In eliminating the deviation and to prevent its growth, feeding is not the last place. A healthy and balanced diet is a guarantee of healthy and beautiful skin. When slowing down the liver, it is important to clean it, and the general cleansing of the body will not interfere. A diet with the inclusion of foods saturated with vitamins, and the restriction of harmful foods (sweet, smoked, salty drinks, carbonated and fatty drinks, alcohol, etc.) will be the first step towards a healthy scalp. After each wash, rinse hair with decoctions of medicinal herbs (nettle, burdock, chamomile (for light hair), sage, calendula). For a liter of boiling water take 2 tbsp. to. herbs, boil over low heat for 10-15 minutes, then let it brew until warm, drain the broth. This procedure has a soothing effect on the skin, relieves inflammation and gradually normalizes the process of sebum secretion.

Protect hair from sunlight in summer, cold wind and frost in autumn and winter.

In the fight against the problem of peeling skin against the background of a lack of vitamins, a multivitamin complex will help.

Scalp peeling treatment masks.

Olive and lemon mask.

the work.
Moisturizes the scalp, fights dandruff and cleanses.

olive oil - 2 tbsp. to.
lemon juice - 1 tbsp. to.

Heat the oil a little on a water bath, add lemon juice. The finished composition is rubbed into the scalp, the head is heated with a plastic bag and a towel. After twenty minutes, wash off the mask with warm water using a medicated shampoo with a neutral pH.

Mask with increased dryness of the scalp to prevent peeling.

the work.
Moisturizes, nourishes, revitalizes hair, strengthens it.

Linseed oil - 1 tbsp. to.
olive oil - 1 tbsp. to.

Combine the oil and heat it in a water bath. Wipe the finished composition into the scalp with massaging movements, put on a shower cap and warm with a towel. After half an hour, rinse off the mask with warm water using a shampoo with a neutral pH.

Onion mask against peeling scalp.

the work.
It has an antiseptic effect, strengthens hair follicles, cleanses.

Onions - 2 heads.

Grind the bulbs, squeeze the juice through cheesecloth. The juice ended up rubbing the scalp. From above put on a shower cap and warm the head with a towel. After an hour and a half, wash off the mask with a neutral shampoo. To neutralize the onion smell, after the procedure, it is recommended to rinse the hair with an infusion of oak bark (for dark hair) or a decoction of chamomile (for light hair). On a liter of boiling water take 2 tbsp. Raw materials, boil over low heat for fifteen minutes, then insist. When the broth has cooled, drain and use as directed.

Oatmeal mask against peeling skin.

the work.
Softens, moisturizes, nourishes, gently cleanses the skin.

herbal decoction (nettle, chamomile, sage or plantain) - 6 tbsp. to.
Oat flakes - 2 tbsp. to.
Any medicinal herbs (nettle, chamomile, sage or plantain) - 2 tbsp. to.
boiling water - 1 liter.

First you need to prepare a decoction. Brew herb with boiling water, put on a slow fire. After fifteen minutes, remove the decoction, cool and strain. Next, oat flakes pour over the broth and leave for a few minutes to swell. The resulting sap should be massaged into the skin and hair roots, put on a shower cap and wrapped with a towel. Wash off the mixture after two hours with warm water using a neutral shampoo.

To intensively moisturize the scalp and combat dryness and flaking, add a little tea tree essential oil to hair care products (2-3 drops for a single use).



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